Search Tips

Searching for and Finding Images

Simple Search:

The home page has a search box and you can type simple searches into this box to find images that are contained in our archive. This ‘simple search’ is designed to be used to find such things as ‘Steven Gerrard’ or ‘Wembley Stadium’ and should not be used for more complex research. Keywords are worlds specifically within an image caption or the keywords that were added to the image when loaded to our library. Keywords can also be specific image numbers, if you know that information. Images meeting the exact keywords that you have keyed into the search box, will be displayed on the display page in a number that you have selected (default is 10 and you can set your page to up to 200 images per page) Upon display, you can click on an image and see the larger image preview and the system will also display a full image caption, including date of event, photographer, size of original image and other data for that image.

More Complex Searching:

Where you have a need to be more specific for you image search (for instance where you are seeking images from a specific year or a specific football match), click ‘advanced search’ below the ‘search box’ and the advanced search page will display. Here you can enter keywords, mixed with images city, country and other criteria. You can also select an image orientation (vertical, horizontal etc) as well as relevance to keywords entered or with all the criteria specified.
There are ‘self instructions’ on the right side of the advanced search page for further assistance.


Action Plus offers an experienced, completely free research programme, where you let us know what you are looking for in your project and we deliver it back to you via lightbox email. As well as the 400,000 images presently on our site, we have access to over 10 million images, so if you cannot find what you need, please send an email to ‘’ or call us at +44 (0) 207 403 1558