FA League License

Football Association Image Uses (as covered by Agencies license with DataCo-on behalf of the Football

These general terms apply to all pictures/images collected at FA football games and applies to all Premiership,
Championship, League 1 and 2, Blue Square, Scottish League, Carling Cup (League Cup) and FA Cup matches. These
terms and conditions are specifically applied by the Football Association via it’s DataCo licensing.


1. Photographs shall not be altered or manipulated by means other than:
(a) ‘flipping’;
(b) ‘cropping’ (provided that the same is performed in good faith and not so as to distort the meaning or the
circumstances depicted in the Photographs);
(c) manipulation which is evidently fun, harmless and an editorial means of telling a story;
(d) standard computerised ‘enhancement’ in the form of minor alterations; and/or
(e) presenting a Player as employed by another Club than the Club to which he is registered at the time of publication
but only in order to anticipate the post-transfer photo call in circumstances where the Player-s transfer has been
officially announced or confirmed by the transferor and the transferee Club.
For the avoidance of doubt, and by way of example and not limitation, the Photographs shall not be manipulated or
otherwise altered so as to obscure or remove a sponsor’s name or logo otherwise than as an ancillary consequence of
good faith „cropping-.

2. Photographs shall not be used or Published as Sequences of Stills save as set out in Appendix A below.

3. Photographs may not be used for any Photo sale without the prior written approval of the relevant Club(s) that
feature in the applicable Photograph.

4. Any Printed Paper Publication or Advertising and Marketing Materials that contain Photograph(s) and/or Editorial
Text Report(s) shall not be structured, offered, titled, described or promoted as an official Club or League publication
or a Single Club publication.

5. Any New Media Service that contains Photograph(s) and/or Editorial Text Report(s) shall:
(a) not be structured, offered, titled, described or promoted as a ‘live’ or ‘near live’ service;
(b) not be structured, offered, titled, described or promoted as an official Club or League service; or a Single Club
(c) be navigated only via a „two click- principle (or equivalent) whereby users will always initially access a general
sport based directory page or an English football based directory/page or a European football based directory/page or
a World football based directory/page and must subsequently make a second click to select a specific Match; and
(d) as far as reasonably practicable, incorporate unambiguous conditions of use under which any person accessing the
New Media Services is prohibited from any unauthorised Publication of any Photograph and/or Editorial Text Report(s)
other than for the purpose of viewing the same as part of that New Media Service.

6 Every use or Publication of a Photograph and/or Editorial Text Report(s) by its customers shall be visibly attributed
to the Authorised Representative that took the applicable Photograph or generated the applicable Editorial Text Report
and/or the Agency.

7 Photographs may not be Wholesaled/Syndicated by any customer that is not an Agent or Authorised Distributor of
the relevant Agency.

8 Photographs and/or Editorial Text Reports shall not be used, Published or Distributed other than as expressly
permitted by these General Conditions of Use.