Image Uses and Pricing

All images, when used, must have an agreed license and the agreed license fee paid. If any license fee is unpaid, it invalidates the usage license fully and the user must either delete the image(s) delivered or return said image(s) without use.
Pricing on this web site is set for ‘industry standard’ editorial sports news uses and will not apply to all uses. If you have any question about your usage, please call to ensure that you understand the needs for your usage and accept the license applied. Image uses outside of the standard terms will change the license fee, both up or down from the standard pricing. Areas of the license that will change the fee would be:

  • Length of term for the image use (as opposed to a daily or weekly newspaper or magazine)
  • Size of image printed or displayed
  • If the image is used for both print and electronic (web, email etc)
  • If the image is used outside a country (such as the UK) or worldwide
  • If your print run is small or the printed image is of a small size
  • If you wish to use multiple images in your project

If you are in doubt or have a question regarding an automated quote for your use, please email us to:
or call at +44 (0) 207 403 1558 (UK) from 8:30am until 8pm daily