We want you to enjoy using our on-line image library. Remember we have millions of images available that are not currently on-line but stored in secure folders. If you can’t find the images you need please contact a picture researcher for help. All searches are free.
If you would like help in understanding the site or can suggest any improvements, please contact our support department. We would welcome your feedback.
Just click on one of the questions below, to take you to its corresponding answer.Q-Can I look at images without being a registered user?
Q-Why should I become a Registered User?
Q-Why do I need to sign in?
Q-How do I Sign In?
Q-I want to search for images; how will they be shown?
Q-Ok so how do I search and what happens if I can’t find what I want?
Q-What do I do once I have found the images I want?
Q-What sizes of digital files do you supply?
Q-Can I purchase personal prints of athletes or events for my own use (personal use)?


Q-Can I look at images without being a registered user?
A-Sure, be our Guest!
You may search for any images you wish without registering with us. However if you want to save your selection from the search in your own lightbox or buy rights and download a high resolution image you will need to become a registered user. Why not check out the real benefits of using this site. You will be amazed at the savings for you in both time and money. Even if you do not want to register, you can still buy images. Just note down the image number(s) and send us an email or phone us with your request. You can always register now for next time.

Registered User

Q-Why should I become a Registered User?
A-Because it opens the door to a fantastic resource which will make your life a lot easier.
Fill in the registration form and agree to othe terms and conditions for site use and you will be able to search for images, preview them and save them in your own personal lightboxes. You will receive confirmation of your registration by e-mail.
You can also choose to apply for download privileges, which, when granted, allows you to download high resolution images.

Signing in

Q-Why do I need to sign in?
A-Because you deserve the functionality and we want to protect your searches, lightboxes and orders.
Once registered, your selections can be stored in your own private area which no-one else can see or delete. So we need to know who you are so that we can give you access to this secure area where your lightboxes (previously saved edited searches) and any orders in progress are stored. When you’re signed in you can select and preview images, create, add to, rename, remove, share and delete your lightboxes.
Q-How do I Sign In?
Signing in takes only seconds. On the home page, type your user id and your password in the box at the top right of the screen. Hit return or press the logon button. Now you can access your searches and lightboxes.


Q-I want to search for images how will they be shown?
A-Just as if you had placed them on manual lightbox in your office. It’s that easy.
On the search page you can set up the number of thumbnail images you want to see across the screen and down the screen.
Q-Ok so how do I search and what happens if I can’t find what I want?
A-Don’t worry we’ve made searching as easy as possible. If you do have a problem don’t hesitate to let us know. We can carry out a free search on your behalf and upload it to your lightbox.


Type the words that represent the subject you are looking for into the “search” box then press the “search” button (or press your return key). The resulting search will indicate the number of images found. If your search retrieves more than one page of images the number of pages will be listed. Just click on the arrow to access the additional pages.
Unlike many search engines you do not ned to use “and” or punctuation between your words. Typing “football Beckham England 2004” will display all the images of David Beckham playing for England in 2004. “athletics exhaustion” will display exhausted athletes. “children” will display images of children’s sport.
If your search does not produce the expected result first check your spelling, then try widening your search by using fewer search words.
You can also use the drop down menus on the search page to easily explore our on-line archive and drill right down to individuals.
Q-What do I do once I have found the images I want?
A-Having done a search you can add the images to your lightbox, your order, or print out a watermarked preview for layout.


We want to make your on-line searching and delivery as easy as possible so we have created a facility that will allow you to make as many selections as you want and store them in lightboxes that you name and keep for as long as you want.
When you first register and use the site you are given a lightbox which will appear in a box on the top right of the search screen. You can create an unlimited number of lightboxes for working on different projects.
Click on “view lightbox” on the menu bar. Now you can view, create, re-name, delete and share your lightboxes with other users.
Change the lightbox each time you want to separate your selections. There is only one active lightbox at any time. A good idea is to re-name the lightboxes that you use with a subject or job description – something you will recognize now and 2 months from now.

Adding Images To Your Lightbox

Simply click on the icon which says “add image to lightbox” under the image and in a second it will be in your lightbox. Add images one at a time.

Viewing Lightboxes

Click on “view lightbox” on the menu bar. You will see your current lightbox contents. If you have added images to the lightbox, you will see them here.

Ordering Digital Files or Images

Once you have selected images for ordering you can contact us to agree a fee for your use, and we will transmit a high resolution image to you. If you are an account customer and have been given download privileges you may continue with the order by downloading the high resolution image. You can also request very high-resolution images on CD or we can scan any image to order.

Digital Files Sizes and Information

Q-What sizes of digital files do you supply?
A-We offer a variety of digital specifications and methods of delivery.
Our standard service for digital imaging is a scan of the entire image with a resolution of 300dpi at approximately200mm x 300mm. Older scans may well be smaller. All scans are cleaned before supply to our clients. We supply our images with an RGB colour space. We do this to ensure that they can be reproduced using a variety of reproduction methods. We prefer to leave the CMYK conversion to you, thereby giving you the utmost creative freedom to reproduce the images the way you want. It is also advantageous for you to perform the CMYK conversion to ensure the best profile is used for the press, paper stock, and inks that your printers will be using. If you have any special requirements please contact a member of our digital imaging department to discuss how we can help.

Personal Prints

Q-Can I purchase personal prints of athletes or events for my own use (personal use)?
Yes, Action Plus makes it a simple process to search, select and purchase a printed copy of an athlete, one of your family members or an event for display at your home location. There are 3 different sizes to choose from and you can see more information on how to purchase prints at the ‘Personal Prints’ link at the bottom of the home page.
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