Rights Clearance

Clearances and Rights of License

That perfect photo that supports your project in the perfect way? When it captures a famous person, place, trademark or logo, it probably comes with strings attached. Resolving these issues and making sure that your project is safe, clear a Clearance service comes in. We provide the expertise and world-wide contacts to cut through the red tape, ensuring a clearance fast and at the best price – and providing you with that license for the ‘must-have image’.

Celebrity and Third-party clearance

We work with you to understand what type of clearance is required and then take on the tasks of dealing with rights-holders and negotiate the best price for you.

Project management

As with every important project that you undertake, there are many challenges and detailed tasks along the way. We can help with everything from planning and research to Rights and Clearance issues.

Find out more – contact us at clearances@actionplus.co.uk or call at (0) 207 403 1558