Our Worldwide clients dictate that our specialised pictures and services are produced by photographers who are skilled and knowledgeable¬† regarding a specific sport(s) and have photographic equipment to support their skilled eyes. Each sport has it’s own set of challenges to properly capture and our photographers have honed their abilities likewise. Examples of the differences would be the speed and outdoor requirements of Formula 1 motorsports as opposed to indoor gymnastics or Equestrian Jumping as opposed to Premiership Football. Our photography team is based mostly in the UK, but also in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Scandinavia and Australia. They use the very latest sports cameras, such as the Canon EOS-1DX or the Nikon D4/5s or equal equipment with appropriate professional lenses for the sport(s) covered.

If you are a skilled sports photographer with the required equipment, including laptop, FTP, photo-editing and XMP software management and are interested in joining us, please contact us at ‘’ and we can let you know the next steps.

Presently looking for:

РNorth Eastern UK  (Middlesbrough/Newcastle)

– Greater Manchester